Six Ways to Increase Your Freedom While Aging at Home in Raleigh, NC

1. Make Technology Your Friend

​​For some of us, technology is a blessing. For others, we still have VCR’s that flash 12:00 all day long. Our most important technologies, however, are the tools that keep us connected to loved ones and make help readily available when we need it.

At Golden Harmony Concierge, providers of at home senior care Raleigh, NC and the surrounding area trusts, we know the difference between a tool for genuine connection and electronic gadgets. We make sure you are comfortable (and practiced) with the tech that supports the way you want to live your life. This includes things like speed-dial for favorite numbers and working with you to set up video chat with family and friends. For those who want it, we can also customize voice tools like Siri, Alexa, Google Home or others.

2. Expand Your Social Networks

Staying socially connected is vitally important for aging at home. That includes family and friends, and especially opportunities to be with other people in new (and familiar) interactions. In fact, studies have shown that the number of social connections we have is a leading indicator of our health, happiness, and longevity.

To support you with social networks, your Golden Harmony companion can take you to visit friends and explore senior centers or other outings. The opportunity to explore new environments with a trusted companion makes expanding your network easier and less intimidating. It also lets you develop or find a more fulfilling purpose and maximize your freedom and happiness.

3. Identify Invisible Hazards

Safety is important, especially when aging at home. You think you have it handled, only to discover another hazard in the home. Golden Harmony Concierge is there to support you in identifying potential safety issues in your home. Some things to look out for include:

  • Remove loose rugs or cords that can be tripping hazards.
  • Ensure there is additional bright lighting, which makes it easier to see and read.
  • Add lower shelves, or move things from higher shelves lower down, reducing the need for step stools.
  • Consider replacing glassware with non-breakable materials.
  • Install grab-bars in bathrooms to assist with mobility.
  • Change door knobs to lever-handles.
  • Ensure that floors have a non-slip surfaces.

At Golden Harmony Concierge, we have a full list of things to look for, and we’d be delighted to review it with you or your loved ones to make the later years of life as peaceful (and safe) as possible.

4. Perform Home Maintenance Checkups

As we age, the forces of clutter somehow grow more powerful. And if we don’t take care of it, clutter becomes a source of hazard for our well being. Dealing with the mail, for example, is often a huge source of disorder. If you wish, we can work with you organize or prioritize your mail to ensure that important things like bills and insurance are addressed and that ads are identified and discarded.

Additionally, although Golden Harmony Concierge is not a cleaning service, we can aid you or your loved ones with basic organization. We can also guide you in finding reliable cleaning services or other home maintenance providers that you can trust.

We do all of this so that you can rest easily, knowing that your environment will remain a source of comfort rather than falling into disarray.

5. Make It Easy to Go Where You Want

As we age, transportation can become more difficult. Yes, there are trains, buses, taxis, and ride-share apps, but sometimes the transition can be a challenge.

At Golden Harmony Concierge, we’ll work with you to find the most common places you need to go, and then make it easy to use various transportation options. That means we’ll highlight relevant bus schedules (a copy for home and one to take with you). We’ll put taxi phone numbers on speed dial.

When we are with you as your companion, we’re also happy to take you where you need to go, to shop or wait with you, and to bring you home again. The point is that we work with you to ensure you still have options to go where you want, to prolong your independence, and to let you maintain your personal and social networks.

6. Stay Active

Physical activity is vitally important and still possible as we age, even if it looks different than when we were younger. The secret is finding the activities that you can enjoy. Sometimes that means trying things you’ve never done before, or learning new ways of moving.

At Golden Harmony, we have a wealth of resources at our fingertips and we are eager to work with you to try new things together. Novel experiences, places, and exercises are much easier to start when you get to do it with a familiar face. Our goal with your activity is to be the bridge between what you’ve done in the past and new opportunities that will open doors to vitality and energy in your mind and body.