Celebrating the Working Mothers of Golden Harmony

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We’re celebrating the working moms, highlighting their cherished memories, wisdom, and the profound impact on their daughters’ lives and successes!

Celebrating the Working Mothers of Golden Harmony

At Golden Harmony, we take immense pride in the dedication and compassion of our staff. This month, we’re celebrating the working mothers in our office, especially those whose daughters are graduating. We asked these remarkable women and their daughters a few questions to highlight their unique journeys and the wisdom they’ve garnered along the way.

Kathleen Hennig

Kathleen’s Memories of Katie:

“I always said I won the lottery when they were handing out daughters the day Katie was born. She is wise beyond her years and always has a calming presence about her. One of my favorite memories is when Katie cartwheeled instead of walking for an entire year! Her laugh is one of my favorite sounds on this earth. Another cherished memory is our trip to Ireland, where we stayed in the old houses her Granny and Dado grew up in. Finding my dad’s initials engraved in a window sill made it even more special.”

Katie’s Favorite Memories of Kathleen:

“My mom has taught me the importance of empathy and compassion. She is the most caring and amazing mom I could ever ask for. She has shown me time and time again that being kind and showing genuine interest in others are the most important things in the world. She is the exact kind of mother I want to be to my kids one day.”

Kathleen’s Words of Wisdom:

“I want Katie to always be confident and find the funny in everything. She is a whole lot of magic and I’m so happy she’s mine!”


“Ireland holds a very special place in Katie’s heart now, and watching her grow up with such grace and humor has been a joy. Her ability to create magic in everyday life is something I cherish.”


Jill Barwick

Jill’s Memories of Cassidy:

“I was so excited when I had Cassidy. One of my favorite memories is watching her enter kindergarten with such confidence. I am glad that I have passed down the love of travel to her. Seeing her visit lakes and beaches from my youth is wonderful. Cassidy is not only a great daughter but also a fantastic sister.”

Cassidy’s Favorite Memories of Jill:

“I love that my mom always tells me to be myself. I appreciate that she is always optimistic. I hope when I am a mom I can teach my children to be independent and have manners.”

Jill’s Words of Wisdom:

“Enjoy it! Never be afraid to advocate for your children. You will never regret speaking up for what you think is right for them.”


“Watching Cassidy develop a strong relationship with her younger brother and seeing her independent spirit flourish has been incredibly rewarding.”


Jennifer Stengl

Jennifer’s Memories of Claire:

“When Claire was born, I was so thankful for the chance to create the mother-daughter relationship I had always wanted. Favorite memories include her first word ‘mama,’ preschool crafts, beach adventures, Disney rides, soccer tournaments, dance recitals, and award ceremonies.”

Claire’s Favorite Memories of Jennifer:

“My favorite memory of my mom is the dozens of beach trips we’ve gone on. Even though she wasn’t a big fan of the water, she made those trips special with board games, walks, and heartfelt talks.”

Jennifer’s Words of Wisdom:

“The saying ‘The days are long, but the years are short’ is so true. Slow down, be fully present, and soak up the moments you are creating together.”


“Watching Claire become independent and grow into a beautiful, smart young woman has been pure joy. Her kindness, self-assurance, and tenacity inspire me.”


Kristee Marconi

Kristee’s Memories of Macy:

“Some of my favorite memories with Macy are the cheerleading competition trips we took together. After long days of competing, we would make microwave popcorn and watch movies. I will miss this special one-on-one time when she leaves for college.”

Macy’s Favorite Memories of Kristee:

“My mom is one of my best friends. Our movie nights, cheer competitions, and the day I got my NC State acceptance letter are some of my favorite memories. She always goes out of her way for me, and I love her so much.”

Kristee’s Words of Wisdom:

“Let go of being ‘perfect.’ Kids remember fun, laughter, and memories, not perfect details. They want a mom who is fun, engaging, and present.”

Macy’s Advice:

“My mom taught me important life lessons through music. ‘The Dance’ by Garth Brooks taught me to cherish all experiences, and ‘Unanswered Prayers’ reminded me to trust in God’s plan.”


“Macy’s independence shines through milestones like learning to ride a bike, flying solo to visit grandparents, winning a Leadership Award, and receiving scholarships for college. We are incredibly proud of her achievements.”


Raynie Escobedo

Raynie’s Memories of Miranda:

“I have enjoyed every stage of Miranda’s growth and development. Her confidence and determination are truly inspiring. It is wonderful to see her embrace her identity and talents with such enthusiasm.”

Miranda’s Favorite Memories of Raynie:

“Some of my favorite memories are our girls’ days out, whether shopping or doing something else. We always end up laughing so hard. My mom’s hardworking nature and drive to always be better have greatly influenced me.”

Raynie’s Words of Wisdom:

“Seeing Miranda tackle challenges and pursue her goals speaks volumes about her resilience. I am incredibly proud of her, and I look forward to celebrating her future successes.”



At Golden Harmony, we are privileged to have such amazing women on our team. Their stories and wisdom inspire us all, and we are proud to celebrate their achievements and those of their daughters. 

Thank you to the wonderful working moms of Golden Harmony!

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