Client and Companion Duo Spotlight: John and Marjorie

By Published On: June 4, 2024Categories: Spotlight, Uncategorized

Meet John and Marjorie, our client and companion duo spotlight of the month! Read more about their relationship and journey.

Meet John and Marjorie, a dynamic duo whose bond exemplifies the essence of Golden Harmony’s care. John, originally from Vermont and later Pittsburgh, now calls Cary home where he cherishes being close to his son and grands. Majorie, a beloved companion with Golden Harmony, enjoys the spontaneity that John brings to their time together.

With John’s love for Art and History, and Marjorie by his side, every day becomes a memorable moment. From Marjorie’s fashion advice, crafting games for John’s grandchildren, to their weekly flower arrangements, their friendship is filled with creativity, fun, and meaningful moments.

For John, family is the cornerstone of gratitude. His sons and grandchildren are his greatest achievement, a testament to the richness of love and connection.

John and Marjorie’s advice to all? “Life is short, eat the dessert” – a reminder to savor life’s sweetness to the fullest.

In John and Marjorie’s story, we find the beauty of companionship and the simple joys that enrich each day. We are happy to have both John and Majorie as part of the Golden Harmony Community.