Creative Gardening for Seniors

By Published On: March 13, 2019Categories: Uncategorized

As a child, magic was everywhere, and your imagination took you on adventures to distant lands flying faster and farther than your feet could carry you. The Adventures of Peter Pan were more than a story, but an experience that you hoped would come true. You dreamt Tinker Bell would sprinkle her magic dust and you would whisk you away for exciting adventures with Peter Pan against the fierce Captain Hook. Although you’ve grown older and never got to go with Tinker Bell and Peter Pan, you still can bring the magic and imagination to your home by creating a Fairy Garden. Creative gardening for seniors is a wonderful way to stay active and express your artistic side. 

According to legend, fairies hold a special magical power to bring health, happiness and spiritual blessings to those whose gardens they inhabit. Creating your own Fairy Garden is a great way to beat the cabin fever from long winter days by creating an indoor garden to boost your mood. It also adds excitement to your potted plants with fun accessories that can be changed based on the seasons.

Fairy gardens also help to boost your creativity and imagination which can affect other areas in your life and enhance the way you think. Creating a garden with grandchildren and family creates memories that last a lifetime. Together you can have fun creating a garden and making up stories of the kind of fairy that would love this new garden. If you need inspiration or a book to read with your grandchild before you build your garden, Pinkalicious Fairy House is a delightful beginning reader book that’s a fun way to introduce building the fairy garden together.

It’s easy to get started creating your own Fairy Garden in your home.

  • Select a Container: Choose any container. You can use pots or saucers or re-use old containers. Just remember to use a pot that has proper drainage and room for the plants and accessories.
  • Choose the Plants: Low ground covers, miniature trees or shrubs, as well as flowering annuals and herbs, add color and height to your garden.
  • Fill in the Garden: Arrange your plants in the container and fill around them with potting soil. Layer moss or decorative rocks over the soil. Keep the materials away from the stems so that the plants can breathe.
  • Accommodate your Fairies: Decorate the garden with fairy houses, ponds, trellises and more. The possibilities and styles are endless – that’s what makes it so fun!

If you are thinking about trying out creative gardening for seniors but would like some assistance, now is the perfect time to let your creativity and imagination bloom by creating a fairy garden. If you need help, our friends at Homewood Nursery are happy to show you the perfect pots, plants, and accessories you need to create your own magical fairy garden. Be sure to ask them tips on watering and maintenance so you can keep your garden vibrant and healthy.

Imagination and fairies aren’t meant to stay in our childhood. Bring the magic and joys of childhood home by creating your own magical fairy garden and let your creativity and imagination soar. Contact us to learn more about how we can help make each day brighter through our companion care in Cary, NC and the surrounding areas!