How to Eliminate Thanksgiving Holiday Overwhelm

family dinner for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This wonderful holiday time revolves around family, friends, food, fun and tradition. There is often a lot of hubbub and running around. Preparations, decorating, scheduling. For many seniors, it can be really overwhelming to try and accomplish all the things you want to accomplish especially if you aren’t quite as spry as you once were. And while we’re all excited to dig into our favorite Thanksgiving recipes — things like turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie, maybe your stomach can’t tolerate all the succulent foods that are so tempting, and you need to think about cooking some healthy alternatives. Perhaps you’re at a stage where you are living alone and are traveling to be with loved ones. Or, sometimes family has moved just too far away for you to travel that distance. Not being able to be with family can bring about feelings of lost independence and opportunities. Chances are, not matter what your situation, you’re experiencing thanksgiving holiday overwhelm.

When anxiety and overwhelm creep in, it can lead to deterioration of health and well-being. A University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) study reveals that these kinds of feelings can impact one’s health in a manner that is akin to the effects of chronic stress. Effects include diminished immune response and increased susceptibility to inflammation, mental illness, diabetes and heart conditions.

Sometimes, just a change of scenery, some good conversation, light physical activity, or a little assistance with routine chores is all it takes to avoid Thanksgiving holiday overwhelm. Having someone available to take you to a social outing, a medical appointment, grocery shopping or to just go out for a little walk can alleviate stress and ease the tensions and feelings of sadness that seniors can sometimes feel, especially around this time of year.

This is where our award-winning service shines! At Golden Harmony Concierge, we provide personalized assistance for seniors that provides companionship and helps them stay active, engaged in their communities and healthy while they live at home. We help to foster a mindset of belonging and purpose, which is something we all need! We carefully match one of our trusted companions with a senior to lend them a hand when that little extra support is required.

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A Golden Harmony Concierge Companion is at the ready to provide seniors in the Raleigh area with the assistance they need to accomplish errands, travel to appointments, tackle projects or just have great conversation.

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