Parkinson’s Caregivers Raleigh Families Can Trust

A Parkinson’s diagnosis can bring on a world of change for an older adult and their loved ones. With the myriad of new care needs the disease brings, patients and their family members will undoubtedly have many questions and concerns. It takes an expert caregiving agency to step in and provide the necessary helping hand to ensure that the older adult is still able to live their life to the fullest as they navigate these changes, and that’s where Golden Harmony can help!

Our Parkinson’s caregivers can help with the following services:

  • Meal Preparation — Parkinson’s requires a specific diet that helps older adults keep their bones and muscles as strong as possible and best supports their health as they navigate their condition.
  • Exercise Support — Physical therapy and home exercises can be very beneficial for older adults with Parkinson’s. Our caregivers can help older adults navigate exercise in the safest way possible.
  • Respite — Family caregivers take on a lot of responsibility to care for a loved one with Parkinson’s. A caregiver can give you time for a much-needed break and self-care.

The Most Qualified Parkinson’s Caregivers in Raleigh

Caring for someone living with Parkinson’s is an intricate process that takes training, experience, and compassion. At Golden Harmony, we ensure that our caregivers have all of these traits and more so you have peace of mind knowing the person you love is in the best hands. From diets to exercise to any other challenges that may arrive while navigating Parkinson’s, our caregivers are ready for whatever the disease may bring.

We Are Proud Parkinson’s Foundation Community Partners

Golden Harmony is a proud Parkinson’s Foundation Community Partner! The Parkinson’s Foundation Community Partner program offers Parkinson’s education for home care agencies and senior living communities to help care professionals like ourselves fulfill the specific care needs that come with managing Parkinson’s Disease. Our commitment to this program is another layer of reassurance to give you the peace of mind you need knowing we are prepared to provide the Parkinson’s Care you and an aging loved one can trust.

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